BokicaBo new collection - "After summer Afternoon" fall-winter 2010/2011 [Belgrade, Serbia]


1970's style yellow-checkered dress with a puffy collar and a feminine bow. Fabric composition: 100% linen.


The pear, just like the apple, belongs to the family Rosacaea. Full of vitamins and fiber, they easily justify their pseudonym from the Illiad, where Homer calls them the "gift of the gods".

BokicaBo dress

Blouse & Pants

Flower-motif blouse with pyramid-shaped buttons and a sewed-on detail in the shape of a magnified tie. Fabric composition: 100% cotton. Baggy pants with large wrinkled pockets and pyramid-shaped buttons.
Fabric composition: 100% linen.


Besides producing a delicious aroma when baked and sprinkled with cinnamon, are very important when it comes to dental care and it is best they are consumed raw and unpeeled because snacking on a fresh apple helps clean teeth as well as the oral cavity.

BokicaBo blouse & pants


A coat suitable for colder autumn and moderate winter days, accentuated by an unusual tying and cylindrical buttoning.
Fabric composition: 100% wool.


The walnut is a wonderful self-spawned plant originating from Asia Minor. It is renowned for its healing powers as well as different kind of cake, not to mention
for the "orahovača" walnut brandy.

BokicaBo coat


Tender colors with medallion-shaped motifs and an accent on dove-like blue lace. Fabric composition: 100% cotton.


The hazelnut is very nutritious and rich in oils. We like it in chocolate and cake, and according to the ancient Slavs - it was considered on the forest spirits. That's where it derives its name as the word "les" in a.ncient Slav means "forest".

BokicaBo shirt

Skirt & shirt

V-cut gray checkered tunic with frontal buttoning and ribbons on the front/back. Fabric composition: 100% cotton. Wide and wrinkled skirt with a high and adjustable waist with a romantic bow. Fabric composition: 100% linen.


Grapes, besides being the essential ingredient in wine, when fresh are irreplaceable for the heart and act as an anticarcinogen and slow down the process of aging. In addition, if possible, we should substitute sunflower oil with that of grape seeds and in that way refresh our bodies.

BokicaBo skirt & shirt

Hooded coat

A hooded coat with a puffy bottom, suitable for colder autumn and moderate winter days. Fabric composition: 100% wool.


The chestnut, besides having an amazing smell when roasted in winter can also be boiled, or even eaten raw. In comparison to other deciduous trees, its nuts have a low fat content and a large starch content, making it similar to rice.

BokicaBo hooded coat


Light cotton dress with with baggy pockets and sleeves that is tied around the waist, accentuated by pink buttons.
Fabric composition: 100% cotton.


The plum is a tree from the family Rosaceae. It is the most abundant and most popular fruit.
World renowned and most prized sorts therefore have names such as the "Čačak beauty-queen".

BokicaBo dress

Blouse & pants

Checkered blouse with ribbons and wrinkles on the front/back. Fabric composition: 100% viscose. High-waist straight cotton pants. Fabric composition: 100% cotton.


The medlar is a fabulous autumn fruit that gives us joy right after the first periods of frost. It is good for eyesight, the liver and the kidneys. Some call it the "cholesterol sponge".

BokicaBo blouse & pants

Jacket & Pants

A coat suitable for colder autumn and moderate winter days, accentuated by an unusual tying and cylindrical buttoning. Fabric composition: 100% wool. Pants accentuating ribbons unusually intertwined at the belt loops. Fabric composition: 100% cotton.

Cornelian cherry

The Cornelian cherry are abundant with vitamin C, and the fruit along with its leaves, bark, blossoms and seeds is used for medicinal purposes. That's why in Serbian, there is a saying that someone is "as healthy as a cornel"

BokicaBo jacket & pants


A jacket that enables you to change its unusual buttoning, allowing you a different look every time. Fabric composition: 90% cotton, 10% synthetic.


The quince is a fruit rich in pectin that through cooking turns fruit into jam. That is also why the word "marmalade" derives from the Portuguese word for quince.

BokicaBo jacket