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BokicaBo's newest collection is conceptualized to be in the form a video website this time around. It's been refreshed by new ideas and inspirations, adding to the already familiar style of various colors and patterns. Why "With Yuriy?" Well, basically, we shot everything on a building rooftop located on Yuriy Gagarin Street in Belgrade's block 70a while burning the midnight oil. We thought it would be adequate. If you haven't checked out BokicaBo's previous collections, make sure you do by clicking on the homepage.

The Crew

As with the previous collections, once again we've had a great team work with us:

A big thanks goes out to: Vasilije Perović, Bogdan Maksimović, Maja Josifović, Nikolina Kostur, Radmila Ostraćanin, Dušan Ostraćanin, Nevena Madžarević, Andrija Kovač, Nenad Vukosavljević, as well as to all of our colleagues and fans.


You can order via email-a, Facebook, Twitter, telephone: +381 64 316 0048, or if you wish, you can stop by our showroom located on 6 Sazanova Street in Belgrade's Vračar district. We're open when it best suits both you and us :)

Every garment in this collection is hand-made and unique in its own way. Most commonly only 2 or 3 copies of each model are created but with different types of material, buttons and with a few minor details that distinguishes them from the others. Prices are formed based on the specific model, as well as the materials used in creating them and are generally made to be affordable.